Security-relevant Technology and Industry Base (STIB)

The mission of the Swiss Technology Observatory is to identify, monitor, analyze and forecast trends related to cybersecurity technologies. This mission is oriented according to the Security-relevant Technology and Industry Base (STIB) of the Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse. The STIB technologies attributed to the Cyber-Defence Campus are listed in the table below.

STIB Technologies
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Line (1)
Intelligence Tag (2)
Concept in OpenAlex
Dashboards (4)
Search Trends
Operating Systems12ConceptWoKTrend
Virtualization (Desktops, Networks, Datacenters)13ConceptWoKTrend
VPN Technologies14ChapterTrend
Authentification Technology16ChapterTrend
Vulnerability Assessment (Computing)17ConceptWoKTrend
Digital Forensics19ConceptWoKTrend
Big Data Analytics26TagConceptWoKTrend
Data Fusion27WoKTrend
Management Information System28ConceptWoKTrend
Trusted Execution Environment63ChapterTrend
Hardware Security Module64ConceptChapterTrend
Software Verification65ConceptWoKTrend
Antivirus Software66ConceptWoKTrend
Intrusion Detection67ConceptWoKTrend
Denial-of-Service Techniques68ConceptWoKTrend
Traffic Analysis69ConceptWoKTrend
Privacy-Preserving Technologies70TagConceptWoKTrend
Cloud Computing Security74ConceptWoKTrend
Natural Language Processing75TagConceptWoKTrend
Knowledge Graph76ConceptWoKTrend
Database Systems133WoKTrend
Internet of Things134ConceptWoKTrend
Human Computer Interaction135ConceptWoKTrend
Deception Technology136WoKTrend
Machine Learning141TagConceptWoKTrend
Search Engines142ConceptWoKTrend
Web Crawling Technologies143ConceptWoKTrend
Crowd Sourcing Technologies144ConceptWoKTrend
Swarm Intelligence198ConceptWoKTrend
Data Compression199ConceptWoKTrend
STIB technologies attributed to the Cyber-Defence Campus. (1) The number in the 2nd column refers to the line number in the complete STIB list available below. (2) The column “Technology Intelligence” gathers available works on a given technology. (3) A Concept in OpenAlex represents an abstract idea that is related to works. (4) “WoK” by Eraneos is the Wheel of Knowledge, a qualitative expert analysis; Chapter refers to the book Trends in Data Protection and Encryption Technologies.

The complete STIB list is available on the armasuisse website. The technologies highlighted in yellow are assigned to the Cyber-Defence Campus (same as in the above table).


What is the Security-relevant Technology and Industry Base (STIB)?

A strong technological and industrial base is a component of armaments policy and thus also of security and defence policy in many nations. Switzerland in particular must take this aspect into consideration, because as a neutral nation which is not part of any defence alliance, it does not have any entitlement to military support by other nations. Research institutions and companies that have competencies, capabilities and capacities in the security and armaments industry in Switzerland form the STIB.

Infographic STIB
Infographic STIB.

The STIB aims to contribute to reducing Switzerland’s dependencies on foreign countries in terms of armaments policy in defined areas. It should be able to ensure the central technological expertise and industrial capabilities for the Armed Forces and other institutions of national security in Switzerland with the required capacities.