This page presents dashboards to visualize technology trends. This dynamic tool is developed in collaboration with Eraneos, Treebute, and Effixis. The list below gives access to each dashboard of the technologies presented in the Springer book “Trends in Data Protection and Encryption Technologies” published in August, 2023. A podcast summarizing the main findings of the book is available below the table.

Technology Book ChapterTreebute Quantitative Analysis:
Scientific Papers,
Grants, Patents, etc.
Effixis Media and News AnalysisGoogle
Search Trends
Main DashboardLinkLink
Encryption Foundations
One-time PadLink
Symmetric CryptographyLinkLink
Asymmetric EncryptionLinkLink
Key ManagementLinkLinkLink
Hash FunctionsLinkLink
Zero-knowledge ProofLinkLinkLink
Random Number GeneratorLinkLink
Homomorphic EncryptionLinkLinkLink
Quantum Key DistributionLinkLink
Post-quantum CryptographyLinkLinkLink
Low-level ApplicationsLink
Functional EncryptionLinkLink
Identity-based CryptographyLinkLink
Multi-party Threshold CryptographyLinkLink
Searchable Symmetric EncryptionLink
Digital SignatureLinkLinkLink
Hardware Security ModuleLinkLink
Secure Multi-Party ComputationLinkLink
High-level Applications
Trusted Execution EnvironmentLinkLinkLink
Confidential ComputingLinkLink
Hardware AccelerationLinkLink
Security-focused Operating SystemLinkLinkLink
Electronic VotingLinkLink
Data in Transit SecurityLinkLink
Tunneling and VPNLinkLink
Data Protection
Differential PrivacyLinkLinkLink
Digital Rights ManagementLinkLink
Secure MediaLink
Secure Positioning and LocalizationLink
Secure PaymentLinkLink
Disk, File and Database EncryptionLinkLink
Email SecurityLink
Secure MessagingLink
Secure SmartphoneLinkLink
This table summarizes the structure of the book. Each technology is analyzed in a book chapter, and custom dynamic dashboards are proposed for each technology.
Podcast presenting the main results of the study
Dr. Alain Mermoud and Valentin Mulder present the study’s most interesting results.
Full Book

Source: Springer