The Swiss Technology Observatory gathers an interdisciplinary and international research community born at the Cyber-Defence Campus (CYD) from armasuisse Science and Technology. Today, the Swiss Technology Observatory website is funded and maintained in cooperation with Swissintell, the Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning (SMCS). This collaboration generates many synergies, particularly in the area of Technology Monitoring. For example, one annual event gathers experts from both communities to exchange methods and data to produce Technology Intelligence.

The Swiss Technology Monitoring & Forecasting Laboratory (TMF Lab) is an interdisciplinary and international research community hosted at the Cyber-Defence Campus (CYD) from armasuisse Science and Technology.
Part of the Swiss Technology Observatory community gathered in July, 2022 in Sachseln (OW) to discuss current scientific challenges in technology monitoring and forecasting research.

The Swiss Technology Observatory aims to contribute to the measure 4 (analysis of trends, risks and dependencies) of the Swiss National Cyberstrategy (NCS). The previous NCS strategy 2018-2022, already stated in its measure 1 the importance of “early identification of trends and technologies and knowledge building“. By the same token, it contributes to the Strategy Cyber DDPS, especially to the key task “Trend Monitoring and Support” displayed in the illustration below. This includes comprehensive technology and market monitoring, international scouting of startups and maintaining a cooperation network.

Based on the strategies described above, the Swiss Technology Observatory has developed the following mission, vision, goal and values:

MissionOur mission is to identify, monitor, analyze and forecast trends related to cybersecurity technologies.
VisionOur vision is to become a recognized Technology Observatory in Switzerland and abroad.
GoalOur goal is to produce community-driven and actionable Technology Intelligence for National Security, Market Research, and Strategic Management.
ValuesOur community works with the following values: scientific, quantitative, exclusive, open (access, source, data) and collaborative (we connect academia, industry, and government).
Mission statement of the Swiss Technology Observatory.
The Strategy Cyber DDPS structures the actions in the Swiss Department of Defence into four key tasks. The Swiss Technology Observatory mainly contributes to the key task “Trend Monitoring and Support”.