Since the advent of bitcoin in 2008, the concept of a blockchain has widely spread. Besides crypto currencies and trading activities, there is a wide range of potential application areas where blockchains are providing the main building block for secure solutions. From a technical point of view, a blockchain involves a set of cryptographic primitives to provide a data structure with security and trust properties. However, a blockchain is not a golden bullet. It may be well suited for some problems, but often an inappropriate data structure for many applications. In this paper, we review the high-level concept of a blockchain and present possible applications in the military field. Our review is targeted to readers with little prior domain knowledge as a support to decide where it makes sense to use a blockchain and where a blockchain might not be the right tool at hand.

Technology Review

Source: arXiv:2103.02606 [cs.CR]

  title={Blockchain in Cyberdefence: A Technology Review from a Swiss Perspective},
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