Cyber security is one of the topics that gain importance today. It is necessary to determine the basic components, basic dynamics, and main actors of the Cyber security issue, which is obvious that it will have an impact in many areas from social, social, economic, environmental, and political aspects, as a hot research topic. When the subject literature is examined, it has become a trend-forming research subject followed by institutions and organizations that produce R&D policy, starting from the level of governments. In this study, cybersecurity research is examined in the context of 5 basic cyber security functions specified in the cyber security standard (CSF) defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It is aimed to determine the research topics emerging in the international literature, to identify the most productive countries, to determine the rankings created by these countries according to their functions, to determine the research clusters and research focuses. In the study, several quantitative methods were used, especially scientometrics, social network analysis (SNA) line theory and structural hole analysis. Statistical tests (Log-Likelihood Ratio) were used to reveal the prominent areas, and the text mining method was also used. we first defined a workflow according to the “Identify”, “Protect”, “Detect”, “Respond” and “Recover” setups, and conducted an online search on the Web of Science (WoS) to access the information on the publications on the relevant topics It is seen that actors, institutions and research create different densities according to various geographical regions in the 5 functions defined within the framework of cybersecurity. It is possible to say that infiltration detection, the internet of things and the concept of artificial intelligence are among the other prominent research focuses, although it is seen that smart grids are among the most prominent research topics. In the first clustering analysis we performed, we can say that 17 clusters are formed, especially when we look under the definition function. The largest of these clusters has 32 data points, so-called “decision making models”.

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Source: World Patent Information


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